martins ratniks portrait poster

portrait of my teacher at art academy of latvia (2010).

martins ratniks portrait book

the purpose of this publication is to present a project for the Art Academy in Riga (Latvia) called:
“The Portrait of Our Teacher” and this time it was him – Mārtiņš Ratniks.

Kristaps Ģelzis, the well known Latvian artist is the one who gave me this assignment. It was for the subject called “Composition”.
It was quite a disadvantage for me in compare with my classmates becauce I saw this man for the first time in my life and they know him for a long time, but I said to myself that I will try to express just my first impressions of this decent man.

as I already mentioned video, motion and music (to be precise – all kinds of voices) is Mārtiņš' passion so the result of his portrait should express this feature.

I, as a graphic designer, have decided to create a set of posters containing no information just my simple graphical symbol.
The result of my struggle is a triptych which shows three features: music, motion and video (screen).
The classical portrait composition is reached by creating a “head-shape”.
All of them you will see on next pages.
Created: 2010